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The Bra

Do you know how difficult it was to find a pretty one 
my size? Do you know the worry I had of it getting ruined, that I only wore it on special occasions? Do you understand how a good one is supposed to fit so you don’t even feel it? Can you imagine the time it takes to sew together silk and lace and wire and hooks? Do you know how hard it was to let the woman with the measuring tape come near me? Do you know I couldn’t look her in the eye as she wrapped it over my ribcage, that I held my breath the entire time? Do you know buying something of quality for myself took twenty-four years and a third of a paycheck to do? Do you know I sat ashamed in my car, staring at the receipt, for the rest of my lunch break? Do you know I only wore it two times before that night? That I sprayed it with perfume like I saw a French woman do once in a movie? Do you know I was dizzy halfway through the first drink? Orange juice. I said “no” to a beer and you brought me orange juice. Do you know the walls seemed to stretch, then fade, that I felt my jaw turn to stone then drop to my chest? Do you know I couldn’t hear myself speak, but heard the conversation of your neighbors, two doors down, perfectly? Do you know how grateful I am, still, that I never heard the pop of each silky thread, the roar of each hook tearing from its eye? Do you know how cold I was waking up in the middle of your hardwood floor? Do you know the first thing I thought of was The Bra. Do you know I was so terrified I didn’t even try to find it? Do you know the saleswoman winked at me in the mirror, then wrapped it in thin peach tissue paper? Do you know I packed a lunch for seven months and ate it in the bathroom? Do you know it’s been twelve years, and I still never answer my phone? Do you know I laughed, not too long ago, remembering the Garfield poster at the abortion clinic? Do you know how, most days, it’s the little things that kill you? 
- Rachel McKibbens, 7/9/14






Blackface was all about white people acting out caricatured, fetishised depictions of black people for the entertainment of white…

Tremendous thanks to The Body is Not an Apology.  www.igg.me/at/whenwesayyes 


So my amazing friend and Sassy Fat Sister Melissa May wrote this beautiful book:



I got my copy in the mail today. I needed this book to come to today-with a week before my period when I am most hard on myself and most full of shame I needed the love…


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[Image: This is a photo of author Rachel McKibbens. She is a Latina…

Anonymous said: You're being so ignorant with your tweets. Hobby Lobby is a company that isn't going to support something they do not believe in. They aren't saying for people to not use birth control or any types of birth control. They just don't want to be the ones allowing it through their insurance. The company is being bashed for doing what they believe in while ignorant people like you get upset about it. If you don't agree don't work for them. It's simple



Point one:

Hobby Lobby is a corporation. Corporations get certain benefits that people don’t: tax breaks, protection from criminal charges being filed, etc.

If Hobby Lobby would like to be a PERSON WITH RELIGIOUS BELIEFS, then Hobby Lobby should not get the protection of a corporation.

Point two:

If Hobby Lobby had the courage of their religious convictions, they would not:

If you are a human in the United States, it should not be up to your boss to decide what medicine is appropriate for you to take. It should be up to your doctor. Yes, and insurance company could deny you, but YOUR BOSS SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY DECISIONS WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR HEALTH CARE.

Point three:

Hobby Lobby is totes cool with vasectomies and erectile dysfunction drugs.

Point four:

One of the points people up is that Hobby Lobby doesn’t want to cover the Morning After Pill because it’s abortion. Except that the Morning After Pill ISN’T ABORTION. The Morning After Pill delays or inhibits ovulation. IT PREVENTS PREGNANCY. This is science. But maybe you think gravity is a myth, too.

Point five:

Christian Scientists and Jehovah’s Witnesses* traditionally do not believe in medicine. So I imagine you ‘re okay with a business run by someone who practices these faiths to not cover your mom’s chemo, or your diabetes medication, or a blood transfusion for your child. (*Edited to add: Jehovah’s Witnesses believe in medicine, just not blood transfusions. Thanks to annelangston for the clarification.)

Point six: (bonus round!)

I appreciate that you are so confident of your convictions that you are willing to put your name on your…oh wait. You’re anonymous.

#DrHobbyLobby prescribes taking up cross-stitch. May I recommend this one?


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re: #AskThicke

I gotta admit: at first I was a bit miffed that, after spending a dozen grueling years working my ass off to write poems and essays and short stories, a few irate Tweets were what garnered national attention. But then I started thinking - if my mission is to dismantle the many things wrong with how women are treated in this world, I’m okay with being called an “angry internet troll" who "mercilessly skewered" a misogynist & rape apologist.