Rachel McKibbens, “Letter From My Brain To My Heart”

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Two poems of mine are up in PANK



Fabulous Female Poets Month 16/31
"Karma" - Dominique Christina Ashaheed

"This isn’t poetry; it’s rage unmuted."

Trigger warning: racism, descriptions of violence and war

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dripping bow tie. amazing!


dripping bow tie. amazing!

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Natalia Medvedeva
" The Tree of Life "


Natalia Medvedeva

" The Tree of Life "

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30 Days 21 Hunger Games Argo Drive Pay it Forward Lone Ranger Fantastic 4

Lemme reblog again and let you know why casting that white woman as the female lead in “Drive” was so fucking wrong and fucked up.

Director literally gave her the part because she looked like someone he would want to protect (read: innocent, delicate, helpless).

These traits were ones he literally did not consider a Latina for. He picked her specifically because he fit that damsel in distress imagine that’s been coded as white (and what’s made women of color “unrapeable”).

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"so don’t tell me how love will rescue me,
I was carnivorous about love, I ate love to the ankles,
my thighs are gnawed with love"

Dionne Brand, excerpt from “Ossuaries III”
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